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Few years ago, nobody expected that a pandemic would shake the fragile balance of the global system. Interruptions to global trade flows, chip shortages and political instability are some examples of the ripple effects of the pandemic… And all of these challenges had one thing in common – No one was ready.

That is why FUTURES WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (FWC) was created.

Participants around the world will form teams of one to three players. These teams will compete against each other in a market-based simulation to grow their computer company. Competitors must decide how many chips to buy to build their computers and how much to invest in marketing their computers. Besides the intense rivalry throughout the competition, teams will also deal with 5 different world challenges:

Populism, Security Threats, Environmental Crises, Trade Flow Interruptions and Shifts in Demographics

With the increasing risks caused by the uncertainties of the world, how can management decisions affect the survival of their companies?

Futures World Championship 2024 - 2nd Edition

The competition will take place online for a full day, but places will be reserved for teams willing to join us in Montreal.

DATE March 15, 2024

LOCATION Montreal, Quebec

Teams Up to 100 Passionate Teams Around the World


  • The 1st edition of FWC hosted more than 85 players forming 37 teams that competed from 8 countries around the world!

    Limited spots are available in the 2nd edition of FWC in 2024. Reserve your spot by registering your team now!

    Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions for payment



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Frequently asked questions

  • FAQ
    What do I need to play the game?

    Not much really… A device, a good internet connection and one or two colleagues that can support you in braving the world challenges!

    Can I play the game alone?

    Yes you can, and if you’re too good you may even win on your own! But think of it this way, wouldn’t you rather argue your stats, the news and your company’s next move with one or two other teammates in the board room?

    Can I play the game on my phone?

    Yes you can, but you’ll have to look at different stats and reports on a small screen to react to the market challenges. Besides, why run your virtual company on a small screen when your competitors have the advantage of a bigger screen?

    How is the game played?

    Two words: Decision Making. You’ll run a computer company, and your first decision is where in the world you want place your HQ and subsidiaries. You’ll then decide on two variables throughout multiple periods: How much you want to spend on buying microchips (Intel or AMD) and how much you want to spend on marketing the microchips you are buying (Intel or AMD). You’ll also have the choice of spending on PR such as political lobbying, environmental campaigns and much more to boost your company, or maybe not… Add to that, you’ll receive news on unexpected world challenges that’ll force you to make important decisions to keep your company afloat, just like in the real world. Ultimately, your success is measured by how adaptable you are and how much cash flow you have.

    How can I prepare for the competition?

    You’ll be able to practice for several rounds on gameday which will give you the opportunity to play in real time against other players around the world.

    Great! Now how can I sign up?

    Easy. All you need to do is fill up the form in the Tickets section above with the number of players in your team, your name(s), and your email. Once you submit, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours with a link to direct you to the payment page. When the payment is made, you will receive one access code per team member to use on game day. Teams in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) will receive a promotional code to join for free. See list of LMIC here.

    Are their any rules?

    A good question like that demands the good answer of “Maybe”. In a real world, there are rules that govern collusion, monopolies, political lobbying, bribery, environmentally unfriendly acts, illegal acts... you name it. There are also consequences to these acts such as hefty fines, being banned from doing business for a period, or having your subsidiary banished from a country altogether! And all that happens only if you get caught… So it is up to you to play by your rules or the rules of the market. Afterall you need to remember, the last company standing wins.

    Who is eligible to play the game?

    The game is open for all. But to really understand the consequences of your decisions, you may need to know simple concepts such as supply and demand. Not to worry though, you’ll have a help button during gameplay that provides quick definitions of the simple concepts you need to succeed. You know what they say: “What is better than playing a game? Learning while playing!”

    What if one or more team members get disconnected during the game?

    No need to panic. As long as your multi-member team is reprensented by at least one member, you will not be penalized. For single player teams, the game will make decisions on your behalf based on the decisions you made during the previous round. This will continue until you are reconnected to the game.

    Is the gameplay available in different languages?

    Absolutely, we realize that teams from different parts of the world will be playing the game. Thanks to our amazing back-end team, the game can so far be played in English & French with more languages to come. But does that change how an economic concept is interpreted? Absolutely Not.

    I loved the game and found it to be astonishingly real! Can I suggest ways to make it more real?

    We’re glad you enjoyed the game and would love to hear your feedback. Please email us at fwc@hec.ca

    How can I keep in touch?

    You can subscribe below and follow us on our social media platforms to receive the latest news, learn fun facts and engage with other enthusiasts around the world!

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